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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected basically everyone worldwide, I've chosen to release these 3 songs from my upcoming album, as they are, in all of their unfinished (though pretty much finished) glory to help you pass the days during this stressful time. It is good to let go the idea of perfection and embrace where we are and as we are, especially in times such as this.


These songs have followed me for a while and carry fiercely deep stories to me, so it is incredibly therapeutic to finally be releasing them in some form. I hope that these tunes will help you through whatever you're going through and wherever you are, locked down or not. I know that so very many of us are going through a maelstrom of bullshite, so please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of any assistance in any way. I'm here for you, just as you guys have always been there for me ❤️


P.S. If you'd rather wait to listen to these songs for the full album release, have at it! Otherwise, dig in, enjoy, and stay healthy!

QuaranToned | The EP

  • QuaranToned | The EP
    1. The Slip | 6:40
    2. Risque Bouquet | 5:47
    3. Beyond the Illusion | 10:49

    Music by Alex Campbell
    All instruments & programming by Alex Campbell
    Engineer: Alex Campbell
    Asst. Engineer: Matt Malin
    Fully recorded, semi-mixed, and partially-mastered at MTS Studios.
    Released March 21, 2020

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