Aside from lessons, I also provide transcriptions, guest solos, production, and mixing/mastering services. 

What's Offered?






Guest Solos




Sheet Music

Transcribing music is one of my favourite things to do. Be it an artist's song you want to learn, a tab-less live version, or even your own music, I want to put down the dots for you! 

From something as simple as a chord chart to a full band with every instrument notated, I ensure 100% note and rhythmic accuracy with a quick return. 

Clients include: Angel Vivaldi | Andy James | Scale The Summit | Jeff Loomis | Ivanyi | Per Nilsson | Scott Carstairs | Nick Johnston | Yvette Young | John Browne


Guest Solos

Laying down a solo for an artist is one of the most exciting things for me, so if you're looking for what I bring to the guitar and want that in your song, I've got you!


My leadwork is license and royalty free, so you can do with it as you wish! Transcriptions and playthrough video of my solo are complimentary! 






Sound Equipment


Creating a song from scratch takes excitement, experimentation, and determination. But what happens if you've only got the excitement? That's where we come in - your producers for your project! 

With over 80+ projects produced at MTS, we are well-equipped for any genre, arrangement, or artist looking to take their ideas to the next level and beyond!

Sound Waves

Mixing & Mastering

We understand what it takes to bring a demo to a mastered product. Our skills in audio production & engineering, as well as our production methods, give you the ability to hear exactly what's in your head out loud.