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Why does shred come in 3's?

3 books, 3 techniques, 33 exercises.

Mastering your Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, and Legato builds a solid foundation on which you can erect all of your musical ideas without difficulty. 

Become the master.

Triple your threat.

Shred Atoms | Alternate Picking

As you may have guessed, this book covers all there is about Alternate Picking in one spot! Well, perhaps not all there is, but certainly enough to make you slam the technique like you've been doing it all your life. Control, speed, that "picky" sound - this book's got you.

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Legato Cover.png

Shred Atoms | Legato

Yep, this is the one for those of you who would rather not hold anything with your right hand. A book designed without the pick in mind - 11 exercises of endurance, timing, control, and speed. If that's your gig, this book is your bandmate's mum's minivan to get you there.

Shred Atoms | Sweep Picking

Tired of only ever getting to sweep your house and nothing more? Well, throw down your broom and grab your pick for a book designed to sweep away those technique troubles! These 11 exercises will test your resolve with 2 thru 6 string arpeggios and patterns, pushing your technique to clean house on the competition.  

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Etudes are incredibly important to your training for two reasons - they are focused and practical!
Think of them like a short, hyper-intense piece of music that tests both your technique, as well as your musicianship!


Each etude comes with tabs (Guitar Pro/PDF) and a backing track for you to try out your new shred shoes!